Selling a Home in Chestermere

Are you having trouble selling your home?  If these properties were in your neighbourhood or were adjacent to your lot then you know why.  Would you buy a house next to these properties?  The lot in the header has been like this for more than 5 years.  Looking good!  But then again, his neighbours are storage lots, so why would you buy it.  This website is dedicated to exposing by-law infractions and exposing The Town of Chestermere’s lackluster enforcement.  Hopefully embarrassing the Town will provide the incentive.

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Lake Front Storage Lot

Unsightly Property on lake front lot

How would you like to live next to this lot?

Here we have another property that is being used as a lake front storage lot.  The Town of Chestermere doesn’t think this is unsightly.  How would you like to sell your house next to this property?

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When does this become Unsightly?

Not Unsightly Yet !

Not buying next to this house – Zoom In to see all the good stuff

Another Lake Front Beauty!  The Town’s By-Law officers don’t consider this unsightly – not yet anyways.  The house in the header is trying to sell but this is the neighbour.  Good luck with that sale.!

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Truck Camper on Blocks

Truck Camper on blocks - Town Property

How would you like this camper parked next to your house?

this camper is on Town property and yet the Town of Chestermere By-law officers do nothing.  I wouldn’t want to have this next to my house.  Ready for summer – just back up your truck.

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